Scope of growth in facility management services

The process by which people, places, prices and technology are integrated so as to guarantee the functionality of an already established environment is known as facility management. The environment can be a business, organization or institution. Facility management as a discipline has grown into a profession undertaken by many. Facilities management services can be built within the environment it serves or can be outsourced from companies that offer them.

This great profession has two main aspects. The first aspect is manpower provision such as housekeeping services. The second aspect is software service implementation such as services for installation of facility management software. These software include safety systems, electrical systems and alarm systems. These aspects provide you with excellent opportunities to grow and excel in the facilities management profession.

In the manpower provision aspect, you need to realize that there is high cost pressure. Clients will pay you low wages for your service while expecting service to be perfect. Your client will be hesitant to rise your wages in spite of your operational costs increasing. This fact will strain your margins but you need to endure for survival. Turnover of your employees will be high. Therefore ensure that your source of manpower is consistent and constant since workers will tend to quit for the least expected reasons. Your employees may choose to work for you in one shift and the competitor in the other if your service involves taking shifts. You will have to turn a blind eye legally since charging the competitor or recruiting another employee may be disadvantageous and costly.

In the software service implementation aspect, strive to develop a project implementation team. This team should be small but effective. The servicing department should also be maintained medium to small. This way you will be able to save on operational costs such as amount of wages paid. You should also consider having few but high value clients who need long term solutions. These high value clients will grow you more in the facilities management profession since they will be with you for a long duration. If you choose low value clients, make sure that they are consistent and many in number. Ensure that your software product is stable and efficient, this will ensure that it will be able to pay for itself before it requires maintenance or upgrades.

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