Advantages of Web Applications over Windows Applications

It is highly likely that the current technology of web application might replace the native offline Windows applications. This can easily be identified by their tremendous usage and their impact on an organisation’s productivity and growth. With their ease of use and a cost effective nature, these web applications have made a stand over the native Windows Applications.

Benifits of web application over a Windows Application

Nowadays, these web based applications are cloud based which adds to their advantage. This would eventually bring down the cost that is required for the installation and maintenance of servers. Also, they do not incur any costs of operating systems or various software that would require licenses, that would otherwise be needed if one prefers using a Windows application. Web applications are platform independent and need not be installed on the machines where they are accessed. They can easily be accessed from tablets, smartphones or laptops, unlike the Windows applications where by they need to be compiled for each of the platforms.When it comes to the case of updates, web apps are auto updated.This is opposed to Windows offline apps where they need to be checked at regular intervals and manually updated.

It is easy to monitor and manage the data usage and security for a web based application. They do not require you system to have tremendous amount of RAM which highly affects the processing speed. In cases where data access and their delivery needs to quick and simplified, web apps are a better choice.

Thus, web applications are obviously the best choice over the native offline Windows applications.

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